First Ghosting Thanks To A Coworker

So one of my co-workers thought that he could be Captain Sully and un-paused my session in the Caribbean a few minutes ago and I come back to a 60 min ghosting! I asked him what he did and all I got was, " I tried to take off and almost collided with a blue plane so I panicked and shut the app down." To anyone and everyone that was flying in the Caribbean at St. Maarten Region I apologize and now I know that I can’t leave my iPad on while I step away from my desk to take a phone call. @Tyler_Shelton any chance you could assist with this?


The real question is why weren’t you working? I know IF is great but still… I’m sure that sales presentation your boss wants doing by Friday is more important.


gonna have to go to HR about this…


Dude as much as this hurts. It was your choice to leave it and to allow access by other people. It may not have been intentional for others to mess with your flight, but you didn’t do anything to prevent it.
The ghost 99% will stand and you will just have to wait it out. Consider this a valuable lesson on what not to do while flying. Cheers mate!
(Also like peeps say…flying while working ain’t the best policy😬)


This is the reason why to always keep an eye on the simulator. Don’t let others to use it in Live.

It would be better to not use Infinite Flight if you are busy. Remember, Working is your first priority 😊

My friends did want to try Infinite Flight, But I didn’t give them a permission to fly in Live because I was afraid if I got ghosted/a violation because of them

So I just let them to fly in Solo instead.


Lunch break, bud. Thanks for the compliment but I’m a Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Field Engineer.


Yeah I was just kinda generalising there. I realise that not everyone works in an office but it was the only thing I could think of.


Leaving your session unattended was completely your own choice and responsibility. That makes any consequences of this also your own responsibility. You wouldn’t leave your house door wide open then be completely surprised when someone stole something from it.