First full flight on the TS. (Short but still fun!)

Today I flew from KSAN to KLAX in the Illinois one livery! This was my first full flight on the training server since I’ve been grade 2.

Time: 00:47
Server: training
Aircraft: 737-700

Here I stand with an Alaska More to Love 737.

Holding short of runway 27.

Lining up for takeoff.

We’re on our way!

Spotters at In N Out are overjoyed to see this aircraft land.

View from the theme building.

Reverse thrust.

Avgeeks excitedly wait for their aircraft to pull into the gate.

Now we wait for Illinois one’s next flight.

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Fun fact: I’m pretty sure every single plane at KSAN were headed to KLAX.


Photos are :fire: as well as the captions! GG man!


Thank you so much!

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