First flying lesson advice & Back on the community

After having been gone from the community for ages. I’m very happy to be back.
As a result of my exams and other stuff I left for a while, lost regular :-( , but back enjoying the updates on global progress.

I have my first flying lesson coming up in march and wondered if anyone had any general advice?


I see you are also little rusty on category placements… :/

Welcome back.


Is it an actual PPL flying lesson or just a Trial Flying Lesson?

Its a trial flying lesson

So an info flight basically

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Trial flying lessons you won’t learn too much but you will learn something or two. Just relax for most of the flight since the pilot will be doing most of the flying. He may get you to Taxi or fly the plane for a minute or two.

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From my intro flight, you just learn the basics of the aircraft and like @_keithjames99 said, you may taxi, and even fly the plane a bit, and if you’re really lucky, call for taxi, takeoff, etc! The instructor will walk you thru the instruments of the aircraft, basic controls etc! Hope you have fun! ;)

If you’re flying with a FI, write down the flight time and the number of landings made, you’ll be able to log this flight if you eventually start flight training.

Concerning the actual flight, you’ve already got an instructor to advise you! :)

I guess it depends on who takes you. My instructor let me taxi, takeoff, fly around, and land. I made most of the calls as well. Just depends on who takes you :)

As a tip, if you aren’t flying, take notes to what the instructor is doing. Making those mental notes and establishing a similar rhythm is one of the best tools in aviation.

They are really fun, escpecially if you get a really nice instructor! Also be familiar with your cockpit, because they might ask what you know about the plane.

Relax and have fun. I suppose that’s the best advice that I could give, since those are the two states that I am in when I fly.

Enjoy it as well. Not many people get to do what you have dreamed of doing. I know where I’m from there’s 2 other young pilots my age.

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