First flight with the family after obtaining my PPL

NICE! gives you appetite for flying!

Congrats for obtaining your PPL! Enjoy it.

Congrats! Hope you enjoyed your flight!

Congrats on the PPL Brandon! Great pictures!

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Man, this is lovely!

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First Flight with PPL + With Families = One of the best gift on your life ❤

Your daughter looks so adorable ❤. It’s a pleasure that you had an awesome flight with your family 😊


Any aircraft which allows me to become a commercial pilot XD
I would probably use a private jet, like rent it, but don’t buzz me, i dont know much about private flying XD

That’s incredibly expensive, something like 6,000 pounds an hour

Well, happy i learnt earlier. better to walk to Dubai that take that.

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Also illegal. Won’t be able to use that to get your PPL


Thanks for the information

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Also have to get a normal PPL, IFR and multi-engine license first

What can i use which has a lot of range?

To train you don’t want range, and after that I’ll remind you even a C172 costs 250,000 pounds.

well, i would just apply for a CPL and then buy tickets for them on the plane i will fly. That would take time as well? How long does it take, on average, to go from a PPL to CPL? Thanks for all the help, Really helping me out.

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omg, thanks for all the elp

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A huge congratulations!

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