First flight with the A388!

Expert server
A388 British Airways
Last time that I flew the a380 the game crash
so that’s why it’s my first time !


The beast taking-off

Rotate !

Some cruising alt. Pics

On final rwy 07R


At the Gate !

Hope you enjoy it IFC !


Nice shots! I haven’t flown the A380 in a while, I think I’ll do that tonight!

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It’s a big beast but when you know how to pilot it, it’s a beautiful plane.

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Love those mountains, I remember my first A380 flight in live was back before global when you could spawn a it at KNUC… 😂


Yeah I remember this old time I was spawning at san clemante airport with an b747 😂. Now this airport is just for light aircraft.

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I thinking of doing a LA to SYD flight right now before I go to bed with a A380 or B747. Haven’t flew one for about 3 years or something like that…

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I know, airliner use most A350 or B787 (Dreamliner series). But I want to retry the A388🙂

Looks like a pretty nice flight. The A388 is one of the best LH aircraft.

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