First Flight With The A380

First Flight With The A380

cool plane

Server: Expert
Plane: A380
Flight Time: 2hrs 23mins
Livery: HiFly

Parked at CYVR

Taking off way faster than I should have

Ascending past 3,000ft with @CanadianNorth lining up for takeoff in the background

Cruising over Oregon at FL350

Flying over KSFO

Starting our descent into KLAX

Landing seen through the eyes of a bird or smth idk

and parked on the taxiway because I was too lazy to pull into a gate lol

anyway, can’t wait to fly this more often, it’s a nice aircraft


Great message and great plane!

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Great photos!

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Thank you 👍

Nice Pics Friend
Never Did finish that flight Lol!

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Thank you!