First Flight with Spirit Virtual

Yesterday I did my first flight with all the staff at Spirit Virtual it was a wonderful flight with lots of delays!!!

Flight Information
  • Aircraft: A321 (Spirit Livery

  • Route: KFLL-KMCO

  • Flight Time: 1:52

Parked at the gate with some of the staff because some staff couldn’t make it

Taxing to runway 10L

Takeoff runway 10L

Climbing to cruise

Being told to hold with one of the other staff members at Spirit Virtual

Landing on runway 17L

Parked at the gate in KMCO after a 30 minute delay 4% fuel remaining

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Very nice photos! Looks like a nice flight. :)

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It was really fun, I really hope we can see Spirit VA take to the skies, plus, the hold wasnt even that long, lol

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Im literally dying LMAOOOO 🤣 🤣! Great photos.

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