First Flight With Joy Stick (With Go Around)

EDDF-EGLL (Swiss001 route)
Lufthansa A320
1 hour of flight time
We shall have commentary for these photos
It will go text, then photos that is with the text

View From The Jet Bridge

Take off!

Hey there @Swiss

We have reached our cruse!


Landing! BUT there is a plane still on the runway!!!
You can always go around

Going for the second approach!

And touch down!

And Remember!

Thanks For Reading And Have A Good Day!


Cool pictures!
This song is just a legend! It comes in my own charts right after the song Butter :)


You CAN always go around! 👀casual server👀

great photos though! Keep up the amazing work!

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appreciate it!

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“You can always go around”

Casual Server Pilots: Imma pretend i didnt hear that

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