First flight with full ATC services

Today was the first day I had ever done a full flight to a place with full atc in expert server and I’ve been grade 4 for quite long now. I decided that today would be the best day to finally do it because it was at my local and favorite airport, Dublin International. I went from EGGP to EIDW in expert server and experienced what a full flight in expert server with full atc for dest and I loved it. The reason I have never done one before is because I was worried I would do something wrong and something bad would happen but now I think I have overcome that. Thank you so much IFATC for having atc at Dublin int and I appreciate it so much. My atc experience with them was 5 stars and they are amazing at keeping track. Thank you so much and this has been a amazing day for me.



That’s actually so great! Well done dude :) only way to learn and practice is to do and learn


Thanks so much and yes your right 😉

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Well done! Hope you’ll go well in the future and an awesome place to start off with, Ireland!


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