First Flight With CRJ-1000 GA

hello everyone

today first flew using the CRJ - 1000 aircraft that is Garuda Indonesia, I tried this plane because the route is domestic, with the route Yogyakarta (WAHI) to Jakarta (WIII), this route is not too far, Before making the route very far, I tried the close route first
images images

CallSign : PK211
Server : Trainee server
Route : WAHI - WIII
Flight Time : 1hr 5m
Altitude : 22.400 ft

and this is the result of the captured image

that’s the first time I flew using a CRJ-1000 aircraft, how about your opinions?


Hey, great shots!

Make sure to keep your posts with a maximum of 10 photos next time :^)


Okay, thanks to your opinions

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I love the colors! Great shots!

cool pics. as @Tsumia said above the rules for #screenshots-and-videos state that you can not have more than 10 photos, and you have 13.


The guidelines for posting screenshots or videos is , You have have a description for the photos. But I’ll let you go, Just make sure to add one next time. :)