First flight with Condor

I’ve decided to take a flight on the Condor A321 the a321 isn’t my ideal plane to fly but since LEBL was on the atc for today i decided to fly it

Flight time: 1hr 42m
Server: Expert
Plane: read what i said before this
Callsign: Condor 9186

Parked at the gate at Frankfurt

Liftoff 😎

Descent into Barcelona

Moments from Landing

Touchdown smooth even though I floated

Parked at the gate at LEBL

Overall my opinion with the a32 condor its a nice livery the plane isnt so good the flight though because its so sensitive to small movements lol


Nice pictures! I think it’s a cool, festive livery, contrary to the general public’s reception of the plane.


Nice Pictures, even though there is considerable incoherent blur.


Yeah A321 is a bit of a floater, great shots btw!

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Cool pics !

The A320 family sharklets make me feel sick tho 🤮

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i messed up with the blur on editing lol

Thank you for finding my sock for me!


you have experiences with it with going around twice 😂😂

unfortunately yes ( I just slam it now so I don’t have to go around )

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Your not wrong bout that

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I use lax 25R when I have an a321 flight drone somewhere to lax

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I said drone i meant down