First Flight with A339: TAP Portugal to Brazil

After a while, another topic goes alive. In this case, we are flying from LPPR to SBGL, in the NEO version of the “temporal non-butter machine TM”. It was a nice route indeed. Anyways, Im not going to explain a lot, enjoy the pictures. As always, I try my best to add some humor in these topics. So don’t take seriously the jokes you may see :)

Veeery and super important details...
  • Route: Explained it already…
  • Aircraft: Discover it yourself…
  • Server: The upgraded Training Server, but in terms of professionalism…
  • Flight Time: Think about it…
  • Quote for this topic: “You are Going To Brazil”

First at all, we start with this picture, where you may see my plane’s twinno, heading to “Somewhere International”.

Here’s the plane about to scream the passengers with his giant engines.

The Sun Is Blocking me :(

As we escape from Porto Fransisco, why not some nice view of the city?


“Laidies and Gentlemen, if you look on your entertainment screen, you can see Flight 478 on our back, challenging us for a race. I turned on the fasten seat belt sign because this is about to get real”

Turning final for runway 10, to turn to runway 15 at the last second, just for fun.

Passengers got screamed, of joy. Turning final for 15 as we leave the LOC of RWY 10.

The GPWS yelled me “Retard” like 7 times, I got disctracted, and I crash landed. Pretend that this was like a normal landing :)

And here you can see the “survivors of the skies”. They crashed like 839347 times, and they are still alive.

Hope you liked the shots! Oh, I forgot the honorable random tag… :)

And the random tag out of nowhere goes to:

Why doing it… kinda boring.

Happy Landings! Stay Safe :)

Don’t worry, I kicked Rick Astley out so he may not rickroll today ;)


Beautiful Picture with the ILS beacon and those massive RR Trent 7000’s

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Thank you! I didn’t find a better spot to take that shot :)