First Flight to 3D KEAT

So as some may know I worked on Wenatchee airport (KEAT) a little while ago, it’s yet to be approved, and hopefully it’ll come in the next update. Wenatchee only has one route from Seattle and back, so for now, enjoy this screenshot collection of my first flight to it, SEA-EAT in an E175.

Lining up on 16L with Mt. Rainier in the background

Takeoff from SEA

Crossing over the Cascades on my way to Wenatchee, look at the beautiful scenery!

Lined up on runway 12 for EAT

🧈 Landing 🧈

Welcome to Wenatchee

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So now you may be wondering, why Wenatchee? Here’s my top reasons.

  1. Washington is my home state so I gotta represent.
  2. Before EAT was 3D it looked really bad (just look at it’s current version), so it was badly needing a touch up.
  3. It was a fairly easy airport to make and I’m a fairly new scenery editor.
  4. I go there pretty much every year to go skiing (shoutout to Mission Ridge) so this was just such a fun airport to edit recalling all of my memories from Wenatchee!

Hope you enjoyed!


Not sure if it’s a Mandela Effect, but I always thought it was spelt Mt. Rainer and pronounced rain-er…

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😡 😡 Washingtonians get mad when you say that… Just kidding but some actually don’t like when people say that 😂. It’s pronounced “rain-ear” but when you say it out loud it’s like “ray-near”


Its a fun little airport i just miss the DH8D!

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Amazing shots! Looking forward to it being released, stunning surrounding scenery

Yes indeed! I was flying at a standard 13000ft but above the mountains its like 7000 AGL which makes for stunning views. The approach procedure is very fun and unique as well.

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