First flight story

Hello there! Welcome to my flight from LAX 🛫✈️🛬DEN with Southwest! We first pushed back from Terminal 7 gate 76B and taxied to RWY 7R.

After that, we took off 🛫 on our departure to Denver.

after that, we accented to our cruising altitude at 34100 ft and I got some pictures of the Grand Canyon!

Once we were at cruising altitude, I watched the movie 🎥 🍿🥤Sully. It was so good. (

ALERT) It’s about US Airways 1549. After that, it was the perfect time because we started to decent to RWY 35R at DEN.

We parked at apron 3 and deboard the plane.

All in all, it was a great flight but a bit bumpy. Hope you enjoyed and as always, happy flying! ✈️

(I did not fly this in real life, this is fictional for your entertainment)


Very nice mate

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Nice pictures

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cool, congrats on it being ur first flight

It’s not my first flight but it is my first story for a flight.

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Excellent IFE choice that’s a top 10 movie for sure


i watched it in my couch (on first class) at home airport in home airlines lol


Same thing

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Yeah well it’s virtual ife

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Anyone get my aviation joke?

lol no


The spoiler alert?

Why confused?

34100 AGL not ASL

It was 34100 was around the average around there.

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