First flight on the Expert Server with ATC

Hello Everyone! I recently have got grade 3 and got to to my first flight with active atc! It was amazing and I can’t wait to do more!

(Foggy, Noon, expert server) WSSS-WIII

At the gate!

Taking off!


I forgot to say I was inbound when handed over to the director but Atc said to say intentions So then I remembered. 😅



Cool pictures!

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Welcome to the expert server! You’ll enjoy it as long as you follow instructions properly ;)


I agree! Can’t wait to do more flights.

I recommend doing some flights along New Zealand’s western shore. It’s quite nice, and not many ATC activity… ever


Hey mate congrats on ranking up welcome to the Expert Server.

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IFATC welcomes you. If you follow our instructions. :)

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I’ve been reading all the guides and tutorials to not be the ES server noob.

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Thanks for sharing!

Finally being able to fly on the Expert Server is such a fun feeling. Don’t worry about the little mistakes so much. I’ve been flying for years and still found my self forgetting to contact tower on the approach. Just do your best and respect others. That’s all Expert sever really is about.


Then you’ll love ES! Welcome again!

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Nice! My first time I was also very nervous. Happy to see you survived your first flight ;)

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I’ve been having so much fun!