First flight on the Dreamliner

First Flight on the Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner

Yesterday, Decemeber 11th, 2019, I had the awesome opurtuity to fly on American’s Boeing 787-9. The route was Phoenix (KPHX) to Dallas (KDFW). This flight was operated by a two year old Boeing 787-9, N831AA. After visiting my friend for just over three hours, he took my back to the airport about an hour and a half until departure time. Since it was rush hour traffic in Phoenix, it took us 30 minutes to get to the airport from where we were. But, we were still on time and had plenty of time. I got to the airport and went straight upstairs to go through the “A” terminal security line thinking my flight would be out of the A gates. As it turned out, it was out of the B gates, B13 to be exact. As I was going through the secuity line, I noticed that they had assigned me a seat, seat 22D which was an aisle seat in the middle section. Knowing that I wanted a middle seat since it was my first time on the mighty Boeing 787, I went up to the gate agent and asked if they had any window seats open. Luckily enough for me, there was a pilot in front of me who gave up his seat so he could be in the jump seat. So, I got his window seat which turned out to be 22A and right at the back of the wing. I was pleased with the seat as I am a big nerd when it comes to flaps and the moving part of the wing. Boarding was quick since they had two lines going and about 35 minutes later, we pushed from the gate and taxiied to runway 25R and departed. Climbout was smooth as we reached our cruisng altitude of FL390 fairly quickly and only encounter a few minor bumps in the road… I mean in the sky… through the whole flight. About twenty minutes out, we strated our decent into the greater Dallas area. Shortly thereafter, we made a smooth landing on runway 18R and taxiied into the “D” terminal or the international terminal. Well, that was my first expierence story on the wonderful dreamliner. Down below are my thoughts of the flight and the airplane.

Well, what are your reviews of American’s Boeing 787-9 after your first flight?

Well, I loved it. I am glad I could knock it off my list of planes I have not flown in Americans fleet before the year ended. It was clean, modern and had IFE (unlike the Airbus A321N) which I loved. The tray tables were big and spacious and I could fit my laptop, my ohone. my cup of ice and drink, and my charger all on the tay trable without any of it fallling off. They seats were comfy and thicker unlike the ones on the Airbus A321N. The legroom was good for me as I am 5’ 4” and this was in regualr economy class. This would probably bother a bigger person if they flew. The crew was once again superb and went above and beyond for everyone on the plane.

Scores out of 10.

Flight crew: 9/10





If you haven’t already checked it out, go check out my review of the Airbus A321N: Trip report: Flying on American's new Airbus A321N


You actually got really lucky. AA1744 PHX-DFW was supposed to be on the 787-8 but it looks like you were upgauged.

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Lucky you, I didnt even get a window seat on my flight.

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Nice, hope my day of flying this bird will come soon🤞

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I actually wasn’t suppose to be on the window but I asked the gate agent if there was a window open and there was so they moved me.

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For me it was the opposite. I asked for a window seat but instead got to sit next to a wall.

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Dang. There might of been no seats open on a window

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