First flight of the new year

Been off for about 2 weeks now and did a quick day trip to one of my favorite places in the US- Jackson Hole, WY.

A real pity as it wasn’t an overnight to squeeze in some skiing and good eats in this quaint town. We still made the best of a 4 hr wait.

Early am departure out of Houston

Rockies are starting to come into sight

Approach into Jackson Hole with the Tetons on the right.

Drive into town was nothing short of breathtaking

Grabbed some amazing breakfast- stuffed french toast and honey lavender cappuccino

A shot that every crew takes when they are in Jackson Hole.

Go home leg… lol max speed and max service ceiling.

If you haven’t been, it’s a must. Thanks to Kanye West, WY has gained a lot for tourists in the last year or so which has skyrocketed costs in and out of this beautiful place. Still worth a visit.

Wishing everyone a Happy New year and safe flying for work or for pleasure this year 🛩️


I definitely want to go now, that place looks incredible! And the French Toast, that looks good, mmmm.


First of all, great shots. Sounds very exciting!
Got a question for you. Since you fly for some sort of private jet company, how do you get rides to the city when you are on “layover”?
Is it a company car, a rental car etc.?


Found this place a little while back, I was planning a event there but I completely forgot about it! You reminded me and I gotta go finish it.

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You must! Hard to find cheap Tix and hotels. Its peak season all year round. Always something going on. The person in the fbo said the slowest time of the year is just two weeks in the beginning of May and that’s it.

Last I stayed here for 2 days at 349/ night. Yikes!

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If we are on day trips like this one, 99% of the FBOs have crew cars for use for no more than 2hrs (usually enough to see some stuff and eat and head back ). Now if we go to small local FBOs then there’s usually a couple crew cars for unlimited time frame for the day. They just request you to put some gas back into the car for good gesture.

On an overnight our company / client will pay for the hotel, rental car, and meals.


Yes absolutely. Make sure you invite all of us to the event ;)

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Nice shots! Jackson Hole 😍 Amazing scenery
Happy new year to you too!

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Thanks mate. Hopefully I’ll head that way sometime in the summer to do some hikes. Plus there’s Yellowstone which is on my bucket list :)

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Those are some really incredible pictures and it certainly looks like a great trip!

Thank you for letting us take part in some way and the picture I quoted… No words required here! Excellent post, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you for such kind words. Glad I can share with you guys a different side of aviation (corporate side).

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Unbelievable views! The place is gorgeous, from the fire sunsets and white snow and Rocky Mountains! Thanks for sharing 🤩

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Anytime. Views are definitely a perk of the job ;)

Nice! I’m flying to here in IF for my 50 state challenge!

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Nice. Enjoy :)

What’s the aircraft registration?

Can’t for this plane. It’s a high profile client who owns a big share on it. Sorry bud.

I’m weird. The picture of the food is best that now i’m hungry. Anyways lol, the mountains look like they would be fun to skii down. The pictures are beatiful as usual.

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😉👀only a few know

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Oof. I saw a jet fly over my house in houston a few days or so ago and I just that 😅. Well thank you