First Flight of 2019


Hello IFC, After a few weeks due to being busy and the airplane in MX, I finally got too fly for the first time in 2019. Our flight was roughly 4 hours due to strong headwinds. Our route of flight was SRC-ADF-HOT-ADF-HOT-SRC. We took off about 2 in the afternoon and the flight down was moderate chop and light turbulence. We flew back at sunset and followed with a night landing
Here are a few photos,


Nice! Looks like it was fun!


It was a lot of fun


those are some nice photos, i hope you had fun! :) ;) <3 <3


Nice pics, I miss flying in those and enjoying the ‘’freedom’’ of the skies.


Freedom of the skies! One of the reasons why I love flying. Can go anywhere at anytime