First flight lesson.

Hello, I just got off my first flight lesson in a ULP.

Time of flight: 1830CEST
Flight time: ~30 min
Aircraft: (No idea but it was a ULP)
Airport: ESGE
Weather: Light winds with a few clouds.

We took off, I got control, we flew over Borås, and then lined upp with the runway, just after another plane landed, the instructor landed and I taxied back to the apron. This was the beginning of an long journey for the PPL.

See attached
IMG_0515(1) IMG_0510 IMG_0515(1)


That’s awesome buddy

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Looks great! I hope you learn more and start to fly around with a birds-eye view of everything

I wish you the best of luck Sistah.

Cool. Good luck

Hope you enjoyed. The first lesson is one you’ll always remember. :)

I remember my first lesson just 2 months back. Now I’m just a lesson or two away from soloing!

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I take my first lessons this weekend where do you take your lessons I will take mine at The Charlottesville Flight Center in Charlottesville Virginia

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Rotax engines 4 the win. Except the manual oil pumping prior to flight Drains your energy

I’m 4 hours left to solo :). Good luck with yours!!! Blue skies, happy landings

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Right back at you. Just had to get my medical of which I just passed.

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I’m soon to get that. What about your radio license? Have you done your Air Law?

Well I’m based in Wisconsin, USA so we don’t have a radio license per say, just private pilot, sport, and light to start but we do have to know the air laws for our private and some before soloing.


I’m actually a girl☺️

I’m not talking to the OP

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