First Flight Lesson @ EIWF 5/4/21

Hello everyone, following on from my Introductory flight (My Introductory Flight @EIWF 16/08/2020) it was now time to officially begin my PPL. Today once again I took EI-GRX a C172 out on a flight with my instructor. The routing took us off the northerly runway in Waterford before we soon turned out right after departure towards Hook Head, where I was given the controls. We then flew over Duncannon Beach in Wexford before turning back towards the City and Tramore before being instructed to make an expeditious approach back on 03. The weather conditions en route were quite blustery with about 25kts of wind the whole way in a southerly direction. Flight time was about 55 minutes

Today’s lesson focused mainly on getting familiar with the aircraft and mainly level flight keeping the aircraft at a certain altitude maintaining a constant VS. I will post a few of the pictures below that I captured during the flight when I had the chance. Hope you enjoy!

Lined up on 03 waiting for departure clearance!

In my opinion the best picture I captured today of the beautiful Garmin displays present on GRX

Doing a loop around the ground of our local Premier Division club Waterford FC 🔵⚪

After landing waiting on outbound company traffic (EI-GWY) to clear the ramp area where we would soon be parking

Somewhere over the City just before I took back control

I really apologise for the lack of pictures today and the rushed kinda post but thats all the best ones I could get from this as I was mostly flying the aircraft. I would appreciate also if you could go over to this topic (Black Cessna 172 Livery (EI-GRX)) and vote for the aircraft I flew today to be added into the sim.

That’s all for today! ✈


Looks so cool!

Thanks for sharing!


Very nice jack!

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Best of luck in your journey! The 172 is an awesome bird don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The 6 pack layout is the way to rock 😎

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Sure is! Even though I havent flown any other aircraft other than the 172, I have to say it’s a joy to fly and probably my favourite GA aircraft ✈

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It’s an awesome plane indeed. Super cool you are doing your training in the steam gauge. I switched off the 172 but went with an aircraft with the steam gauge. I’d stay on that aircraft as knowing the gauges goes a long way when you advance to the G1000.

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Definitely! Was a brilliant experience, visibility was amazing! Cheers ✈️

Thanks Alfie! ✈️ First logged hour in that logbook would be one of the flights you will look back on later in life and cherish that moment :)

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Ayy you finally did it. Hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed my first lesson

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For sure! Was a good experience ✈️

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Nice one jack, great pictures bud

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Thanks Gary! ✈️

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