First Flight lesson! any tips or tricks?

And make sure when you give the aircraft a walk around and a quick shake on the wing, not to shake it too hard that your instructors pen goes flying out his hand, I forgot how light they really are, back at redhill a while ago.

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“Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” and in that order. Live by it.

A big portion of that in my opinion, should be the aviate part, and I know this is a “Do’oh” moment but that’s primary, you just gotta strive to become one with your ride, as if the wings and fuselage are your limbs.

Build up intuition to know what’s going on with your speed and altitude and pitch and power at all times, also make a habit to look at what your instruments are telling you at all times - both are important all the time.

So when something happens, stop talking or “thinking”, AVIATE FIRST, stay calm, ace it.

Again, build up that multiple situation awareness of what that floating object is doing with you in it.

“Aviate, Navigate, Communicate” and in that order. No one taught me that discipline when I started and as a result I almost become one with the powerline.
Anyway congrats, you should be good, have fun bumping into clouds!

Oh and one more thing: Make sure your instructor is a great responsible person.


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