First flight in the reworked a330!

Last week i did my first flight in the a330-300. This was an ultra long delivery flight from LFBO to YMML. (This flight was done in real life with an a330-200 a few years ago)

  1. Route: LFBO-YMML

  2. Server: Expert

  3. Aircraft: Airbus A330-300

  4. Airline: Qantas

  5. Cruise speed: MACH 0.82

  6. Cruise altitude: FL310 - FL330 - FL350 - FL370 - FL390 - FL410

  7. Flight time: 19 hours and 39 minutes

Loading for the ultra long haul delivery flight.

With the Virgin a330 that flew to LHR.

Gear up!

Sunset above Iran 🇮🇷.


Above the Indian Ocean at FL390.


Late but butter landing… (still with 2 hours of fuel left)


What do you think about these pictures?


nice pics!

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I think you should have sen me taking off on the parrallel runway

Nice shots! Delivery flights are the best 😌


Yes they are!