First Flight in the Expert Server!

Earlier today, I had my first flight in the Expert Server, celebrating my Grade 3 achievement last night! Here are some pictures I took throughout the flight:

Flight Info
Route: Seattle - Honolulu
Airline: Delta
Aircraft: Airbus A330-900
Callsign: DL450




@NZ606 I am sorry for making you go around πŸ˜…


Welcome to the Expert Server! And Great Photos!

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Congrats on joining the ES!!

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Amazing pictures! Welcome to the Expert Server!

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Welcome to the Expert Server!

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Welcome to the expert server! Congratulations for reaching this grade! See you in the skies!

Congratulations!! Welcome to the Expert Server! Hopefully, I will see you in the air! Have fun!

Absolutely wonderful! Congratulations

I was that Iceland air πŸ‘€

Congrats on your first flight in the expert server, and great shots!

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Congratulations buddy and welcome to ESπŸ‘Œ. But dont forget to follow all the rules and the ATC

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Welcome to The ES, have fun and enjoy.

Welcome to the ES server and hope you to keep flying professionally in the future too!