First flight in the expert server (A330-900neo)

Server: Expert
Plane: A330-900neo
Airline: Aircalin
Route: NWWW - NZAA
2hr 52 mins

Ready for pushback

Backtrack on runway 29

Departure runway 29

Flying over New Caledonia’s islands

Cruising over the pacific

Decent into New Zealand


Arrival on runway 23R


After the journey the A330 is parked at the international terminal

My first flight went pretty well, no violations and perfect conditions thanks for viewing and happy new year 🎇✈️🎆


Welcome to the big boy server!

Amazing pics, seemed like a great flight! :)


Thanks! It was an amazing flight

Fancy pictures! Really nice to have seen you land on your first flight on ES! I was the JetStar A320 in the 8th pic.

Very nice route you have picked for your first ES flight, too. Enjoy your time here!

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Thanks so much! It is great I got your plane in the picture

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