First flight in the E190!

Good evening IFC! For the last couple of weeks, I have unfortunately been away from the forum because my laptop was getting repaired. But I got it back earlier today, and so I thought I would post a flight report!

Today, I flew the JetBlue E190 in Blueprint livery, from KSFO to KSEA. I have to say, I am very impressed with how this livery came out! IDK about Infinite Flight as a whole, but this is definitely one of the more intricate liveries I personally have flown with! It was super fun to fly with, and also photograph! I look forward to many more flights with this livery in the future!

Anyway, thanks for reading, and I hope everyone enjoys the photos! As usual with me, the photo descriptions are attached to the photos themselves.

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  • Shot #2
  • Shot #3
  • Shot #4
  • Shot #5
  • Shot #6
  • Shot #7
  • Shot #8
  • Shot #9
  • Shot #10

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I hope everyone enjoyed the pics, and has a good evening!


That 4th shot was perfectly unique

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Thanks! That was honestly a right angle at the right time, kinda shot! I’m really glad I was able to grab it.

Nice shots! If you want, feel free to message me and I’ll show you how to depart SFO correctly.


I think this might’ve been during yesterday, when the storm that hit the Bay caused departures from the 19s at SFO. You do technically make a left turn, tho, instead of a right since… well… hills

Great shots! You have earned my coveted Seal of Approval for making a topic with SFO in it! Here’s your cookie 🍪

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haha! I’ll take all the cookies I can get!

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Interesting! Then the Live Weather was still using data from yesterday then. I did find it a bit weird that the wind was calling for me to use the 19s. Normally, I would use either the 28s or the 1s. I wish I had a screenshot of the wind gauge from my HUD!

Unfortunately, I’m at college and away from home, so I can’t confirm or deny actual weather conditions for today

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This website displays the live IRL runway usage if you’re interested. They don’t always use the runways with the best wind due to other operational factors.



Thanks you!


I often use that website. Seems the 19s are in use once again!