First Flight In The CL35

Hello IFC. 23.2 was recently released and the Bombardier Challenger 350 was released with it. This is obviously a massive update and last night I took my first flight with it. Overall its a really great plane. Although its light and sensitive to fly, it still flies great and I personally love it. If you for some reason haven’t flown it yet, fly it now. You wont regret it at all! Here are the pics from my quick flight down the California coast.

Aircraft: Bombardier Challenger 350
Airline: Private
Server: Expert

Our ride tonight

This cabin looks unreal!

Goodbye SFO

Shot of the Bay Area

Up in the cockpit

Approaching LA

Heck of a sunset!

Welcome to Santa Monica!!

Hope you liked these photos! Have a good one


Nice sunset man!


Thank you!

Not to be the realism police but the CL35 can’t fly into SMO anymore. A few years back the community living around the airport got tired of the jets flying in so they shortened the runway to make it impossible for larger jets to fly in


That’s stupid they are going to lose a lot of potential revenue


They didn’t care about that. The funny thing is that small private jets like phenoms and Pilatus still go in there. I don’t think anything bigger does though

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if that ain’t some messed up [deleted], i don’t know what is

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Yeah Netjets we’re pretty frustrated but luckily they found a loophole

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Nice!! When it released I was at school, but once I arrived home I updated it. Awesome shots also! 🔥

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