First flight in my virtual career!

First private jet flight in my fictional career check out my main post for this, here is my very first ATP flight!
The route is Henderson executive to Oakland, on the training server with Tower control at Oakland.

Second flight of my virtual career! For the second flight click on that link!!! I hope to have 2 flights each weekend and 1 each Friday, enjoy!


Nice ! Very cool 🙃 have a good virtual career 😂

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Congrats. But in addition to that your last 3 photos are absolutely awesome! The 4th I had to look at several times as it looks too real. The perspectives of the 5th and 6th make me feel like flying…

The 4th was going over beautiful Mt Charleston, I’ve climbed it once! All credits to IF dev team for awesome graphics!

Thanks, good luck with your dreams!

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good luck in your virtual career!

Thanks, also I have a question for all of you, what airline should i do as a regional pilot? Thanks!

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IF or IRL?

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IF for my virtual career, all ready dead set of United IRL!

And just regional airlines.

SWVA is a great VA if you like domestic routes

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It’s awesome but I mean for a regional airline, southwest would be my next step before doing a international airline, thanks!

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My apologies, sadly I don’t know too many regional VA’s

However you can take a look in the VA Database and hopefully find a VA that fits your style :)

Thank you thank you so much!

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Hi! If you are interested in regional VAs, I know that with AAVA and DLVA you can start flying the ERJs and CRJs on short routes. I’ll link the threads

American Virtual | Going for Great | New Website

Delta Virtual Air Lines | Taking the IF and VA experience to the next level


This community is so helpful thank you! I will definitely fly with them soon!

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We help everyone ahah

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