First flight in IF

I first got the sim in I think August 2015 but didn’t get pro until March 2018, so it was, uh, one of the free planes in one of the free locations (obviously)… I think my first pro flight was San Clemente to Los Angeles. Later on I found out about the wonderful world of IF crashes when I was taking an Air France A380 from Los Angeles to Honolulu (so unrealistic smh) when I crashed on arrival, and then I ended up here and made a bad impression. The latter half of that paragraph is regrettable but the rest is nostalgic.

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My first flight was flying a Philippine Airlines 747 around KSFO.
I still remember I flew while being in a restaurant

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My first flight was done on a Samsung Galaxy S4 before global. Flown a KLM 747 in SFO? and just punched the throttle all the way while flying at 5000 ft by hand. I got disappointed and just left the app mid-flight because Xplane was better. Came back few months later because multiplayer exists, thats how I loved IF.

#spceshuttle <—— just like levet 😎

My first flight on IF was in a United CRJ-200 around KOAK and my first flight on live was the classic KLAX-KNUC in the American Airlines A321 and was also when I got my first speed violation.


My first flight was VIDP - VABB on an Air India 787

Honestly, I don’t know… It was 8 years ago, so I’ll try remember a few things from it.
Aircraft: A380
Livery: Air France
Airport: Unknown
Year: 2012
And lastly, I couldn’t take off, probably because I wasn’t adding enough thrust, or else I was pulling on the yoke far too early.


KORD with a united 737-700

Can’t remember the details of it though.

My first flight in IF (pre-global) was a long long time ago. I don’t really remember.

But I could tell you my first flight in Global:

A simple KLAX to KSFO in the Infinite Flight 787-8 to celebrate the release of Global Flight back in 2017. Global was a huge step for Infinite Flight back in 2017. I remember how mesmerized I was looking at the new scenery. It’s so beautiful.

Mine was KATL-ZBAA in a Singapore Airlines 787 going Mach 1 😂

Oh no…😂

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It was on casual server and I was a noob. It was actually a year ago today

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Apparently a less than one minute flight from Seattle International to Renton in a F-22

My first ever flight in IF was like two years ago, and I had a KLM 747 at San Fransisco. I was in solo, and I hit short final and I just crashed. It was horrible. I kept failing and failing I was so close to deleting infinite flight. Now I’m grade three with 1000+ flight hours😂


Aha anyone else remember the 787-9 before they reworked it I still remember all the Animations that didn’t exist back then aha still miss the water tho and the beautiful KLAX server thrashed by all the players dive bombing in F16s

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In 2013 or 2012, I don’t remember.
I’ve always been writing in app store
Flight simulator
Flight simulator x

And I found Infinite flight
My first flight was on the Cessna.
And I didn’t understand anything in the world of aviation 😂😂😂😂

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My first live flight was a hop around EGLL being an utter noob on casual.

My first time flying IF?


First used plane: 747-400, Philippine Airlines.

First airport taken-off: KSFO.

For me, it was pre-global.

I’m pretty sure I took the Virgin 787 from KLAX to KNUC. It was either the Virgin 787 or some 737, I can’t quite remember it was that long ago 😬.

Ahh, the good ol’ day’s of KNUC ay.

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Aha I remember the Virgin 787 the most disappointing aircraft at that time before they reworked it 😂

I miss KNUC lining up for takeoff with 100s of aircraft behind you going to KLAX ahhhh the good ol days of pre global

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