First flight in IF

What was your first ever flight in IF? Mine was a while ago before global and before i had pro when used a 737-700 takeoff in Oakland to find myself a minute later in the bay.

What’s yours? Did you crash right away like me or land?

Tell your stories below!

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A lot of y’all don’t remember the space shuttle. That was a challenge to land.

Also, I’m moving this out of #live since some people probably flew on Solo first.


Ok. Thank you. My first flight was also solo.

Also why did they remove it. I never got a chance to fly it.

Aliens had a rave so they pulled it from the app


Those were the days, remember it like it was yesterday…

My first flight was on Solo, in pre-global, pretty sure I crashed, it was probably in a Cessna 172 or Airbus A380 at San Francisco or something, I don’t remember exactly to be brutally honest.


My first ever flight was a American a321 and crashed 2 seconds after I took off because I was like 6 or 7.

Blake USA_ATC Staff

That was me but now i butter

Same I didnt know any better but IF is what got me into Aviation

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So you paid the 5 dollars not even liking aviation. Almost everyone liked aviation before they got IF.


I liked it but it was what really got me into Aviation
I really got into aviation when I took my first flight to Florida

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I don’t remember, well, I remember my first time playing IF…

First flight ever was wayyyy before global. I bought the 767-300, and took off from KSFO (the default region), and flew west over the Pacific Ocean (without autopilot haha). Then I realized regions were restricted and I couldn’t fly around the world haha…Then, two and a half years later, global came!

My first flight with global I remember I took a BA a319 for Dublin to LHR. I don’t exactly remember everything that went down but the only thing I do remember is that I didn’t crash.

Mine was a Thomas Cook A321 From Gatwick to Mahon. I had been on that flight a few days before getting pro subscription.

Mine was just a takeoff from LAX where I had absolutely no idea what I was doing.

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KSFO to KSEA with BA B78X.

I recently spend about 5 mins scrolling through my replays and watched my first flight. I was a Cessna 172 flying around SFO and let’s just say. I’ve gotten a lot better now then back then 😂

I did a Frontier A320-200 flight in the Orca livery from KDEN-KSEA

I remember being so bored

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Singleplayer 787. I just remember thinking ‘what in the world are all these buttons supposed to do…’ Now I’ve soloed IRL and am getting my PPL soon. Thanks IF.