First flight in a seaplane!

Got to take a lesson in a 1977 172N float conversion today at Douglas Lake in Dandrige, TN. Enjoy the shots!


Wow! Must have been a fantastic experience. 👍

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How neat! I’ve always wanted to do this as it’s on my bucket list. Looked like a blast!

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It was! Definitely different than a land plane.

Hopefully you find a seaplane instructor, they’re a lot harder to come across than regular CFI’s.

How fun! This is one of the few things I haven’t done yet but would absolutely love to do. Definitely something on the bucket list of to do items. Well done!


Thanks! Good luck on your side for sure, it’s tons of fun!

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Looks amazing!
How difficult was the landing?

It’s pretty hard to nail them the first handful of attempts. It’s almost like going into slow flight and/or executing a soft field landing. You have to land very nose high, keeping the nose up and input immediate full throttle while holding enough back pressure so that the forward section of the floats don’t catch.

Whoa super cool! I have always loved seaplanes…

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