First Flight in a 152

No, this isn’t my first flight, it’s my first flight in this particular aircraft (C152).

So, I just went for a (training) flight whilst on holiday in New Zealand. Located at NZTG (Tauranga Airport) I flew in the Cessna 152.

My thoughts on the Plane:

The plane was a marvel to fly, so stable if trimmed out properly! My instructor let me fly how I wanted (Regardful Of airspace of course). I could do steep turns, stalling etc. Stalling in the 152 was so much different compared to my normal training plane (Foxbat A22LS). The wing would lose lift and the airplane would really stall. It was great! Random thought on it: the yokes were really nice to hold. The scenic views around Tauranga/Otumoetai were awesome, even in kinda low vis.


Here are the photos:

Misty view of Mt. MaunganuiAvacado plantation 😋Another View of the Mount Wing View Close up of the Mount, nice and greenInstruments and controls Avacado plantation again Cockpit ViewCruising up MatakanaView over Tauranga


It was a really nice Flight (logged 0.8hrs). If you are considering flight training in the 152, it’s a great aircraft.


Love the 152. Got about 80 hours in one and used it for the majority of my PPL training

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I got an hour of training in a C172 a week ago, on the Gold Coast! Hope you had fun flying around New Zealand!

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The 152 is so nice to fly - I think it’s my favourite trainer - but it is smaller than the 172, so if you value space, don’t choose this aircraft! And hope you get a small instructor too…

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Which do you think its better? C152 or C172?

I think to me it depends on the mission. I like both airplanes. The 152 I lie for training as it’s not a very big airplane so it’s perfect for me while the 172 I fly is great if I bring a family member along or if I have a greater distance to travel


Nice Wombat! Was it easier to fly than the Foxbat? And how was that beautiful scenery? 😮

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Well, the 152 is the only one I have tried. Like N1DG said, it depends on the mission. The 152 is excellent for training. Lightweight, not too many instruments to focus on.

The 172 is better for the private pilot flying around the country

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Scenery was great, the 152 was wayyyyyy more stable then the Foxbat (Foxbat is just a little weight with an engine in the sky, gets blown around a lot.) When the 152 was trimmed out it flew like a dream…

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