First flight for 2021

Hi guys.For first day in 2021,I want to share with you guys a flight from Amsterdam to London Heathrow with @Infiniteflight2 and @joshvollberg.

Here is the flight information.

Aircraft and livery : Airbus A350-900 KLM livery.

Server : Training Server

Flight time : 52 minutes

Here is the photo of the flight.

  1. From left,me, @joshvollberg , @Infiniteflight2

  2. Racing at taxiway with @Infiniteflight2

  3. Time for takeoff while @Infiniteflight2 was climbing.

  4. Cruising FL240

  5. Why are you so close @Infiniteflight2 ?

  6. @Infiniteflight2 leading now.

  7. Must go around

  8. Safely landed Runway 27R

  9. Parking at the gate

Tq so much for watching my post and pictures.

Thanks @Infiniteflight2 and @joshvollberg for flight and @Seth_Dykstra for Center.



The last photo has the name tags in the photo which can’t be in your #screenshots-and-videos photos as per guidelines

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Sorry, unfortunately, so what say your post down below last picture who follow the rules no names display it hidden. Next the admin/moderator for your post closed in a few minutes.


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Yikes there are letters in the last pic