First Flight! - Diamond DA-40 KBFI-KBFI Trip Report!

Hello IFC!

Today was a very exciting day, as I had my first flight in the cockpit!

I flew a DA-40 Diamond from KBFI to KBFI after doing some flying in the Seattle Area!

Here was my flight


Here we go!

I arrived into the Galvin Flying building, where I completed a quick covid checklist, and then had a meeting with my flight instructor, then after giving me a pair of A20s, we walked out to the aircraft.

Our aircraft for today was N489Y, a nice Diamond DA-40!

As we arrived at the aircraft, I started completing the checklist, and my Instructor set up the G1000s inside the cockpit.

(A little pic I took of our plane while inspecting the rudder )

Once all was set up, we pushed the plane to a remote area and after destroying my vocal cords by yelling “CLEAR PROP”, we started the engine.

I sat down and made myself comfortable in the cockpit, and then it was time to taxi!

It was a very short taxi to the run up check area by 14L, and once we were done, I asked ATC for clearance to take off!
They allowed us to take off on 14R (the big boi runway), and ater a few seconds of brrrrrr, we were in the air!

Oh look a plane :P

We quickly turned left for the Mercer Departure, and flew over one of my favorite spotting parks!

We flew for a few minutes, and after reaching 2,500 feet, it was time for maneuvers!
We started doing sharp 360s, and then practiced stall recovery, which is really fun!

A random pic from the trip that I dont even remember taking
hand reveal
sorry for the shake, it was… shaky

We then came back and flew over the University of Washington, then did a loop around Seattle and came back to land.
Here are some pictures I took during the UW flyby and loop in Seattle

Please apologize for the very low quality of these pictures. They were taken by my Gopro on the side of the plane, as I was busy flying and could not take photos.

Seattle Downtown

And a picture from stall recovery practice

…short final…

The landing was actually on the center line and buttery!
And since I can only put one more picture:

A final goodbye to my beautiful little airplane :)
and my Instructor lol

If you would like more pictures, just ask below!
I have pictures from pretty much every second of the flight, as it was filmed, so :P


Cabin: 10/10
Seat: 8/10
IFE: 1000000/10
I was the cabin crew and I know I’m definitely a 10 out of 10 ;)
In-Flight Meal: ɢʀᴀʜᴀᴍ ᴄ ʀ ᴀ ᴄ ᴄ ᴇ ʀ
Landing: 11/10
View: 10/10

There will be more pictures on my Instagram page!

I hope to be back in the skies soon!

A special thank you to @Oskapew for recommending the DA-40 :)

Stay safe, wear a mask!

Thank You!


Oh, so you’re pilot (in training)?

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Well that was my first flight so…


How’s your landing, smooth?

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Smoother than I thought it would turn out :)

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Maybe one day you can butter the 77X XD

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One day :)

Looks like you had a nice flight! Awesome photos as well!

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It was indeed awesome!
Thank you :)

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Bro congrats!!! You’re flying the DA-20 Heavy lmaoo

Your’s has back seats, I’m jealous because you can at least bring pax lol (Also the DA40 doesn’t randomly not start 🙄) But that GoPro is a lit idea, I have to find mine so I can do that!


Lol yeah I also took pics with my phone from the lil window but it went brrr

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