First flight be with the E190?

I don’t know what my first flight would be with it probably if they add Jet Blue some with it. But I want to know what would your guys first flight be?

you can talk about that here :D

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Most likely Johannesburg to St.Helena or Mexico City to DFW

I’ll probably do AeroMexico Connection


Not sure since I’m not well acquainted with E190 routes

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I feel that once it’s released and we get to see the liveries more, then we will get more inspiration for routes to fly

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I’m not sure if they fly into my general area, which above all else is a bigger inspiration to me than liveries

One way to find out though, and that’s to wait for SoonTM to finish!

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yeah my first flight would probably be MMMX-MMSD, i dont think its a real route, but it still is fun to fly :D

It actually is! I’m in breeze VA and it’s one of our codeshare Routes with AeroMexico VA

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cool! its a very noice route :D

Lol I like how people like you provide a link to a topic that is similar to or the same as the topic that they posted in (sorry of that didn’t make much sense) and people just continue the discussion like this type of message isn’t there.

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