First flight Back

Hello Everyone :)

After a 2 year hiatus from the game and everything to do with it, I decided to return to see what it is like now.

I decided to pick up my old favourite, an Alaskan 739 and flew around the US with it. I started early in the morning at Juneau International (PAJN), then making my way to Seattle (KSEA), Denver (KDEN), Boston (KBOS) and ending it off with a 7 hour flight to Anchorage Alaska (PANC).

Total flight time: 14h 20m
Server: Training

I hope you enjoy…

Firstly, we have Alaska 485 (myself) taxiing to R08 at Juneau for a southbound departure through the large valley the airport sits in

After landing at Seattle, going to the gate, and getting things ready for the next flight, we taxi to R16C where we have a lovely Parralel takeoff with another Alaskan 739

And for our last image, we have us cruising somewhere near the Rockies, providing lovely views for this short 2 hour flight.

I really hope you liked these photos, and I’m sure to do more as I get back into the game. Anyways, have a wonderful day and cya 👋


Nice shots! Welcome back to the community and IF!

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Welcome back, and wonderful shots you got there


@VH-OEJ_747 thanks mate, glad to be back :)

@A320_Flyerboy19 thank you :D

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