First flight back in 6 months

Today I completed my first flight of 2020 and the first for 6 months, I flew from EGAA (Belfast Int) to EGSS (London Stansted) on the Airbus A319 for EasyJet. This flight took place on the Training server, it took 56 minutes.

Taking off from Runway 25

Cruising at 37,000 feet, with EGGP below us

on final to runway 04 at Stansted

arrived at stand at Stansted
For my 1st flight back I really enjoyed it and also how busy the servers are makes it feel more realistic to see more aircraft


Welcome back! Hope you’re enjoying the new update. -Will

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Welcome back🙃 A lot has changed since you last played!

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thank you, i’m loving it very much

thank you, sure has :)

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