First flight after BIKF gets 3D?

What will be your first route after Keflavik (BIKF) gets 3D?

Route: BIKF - ESSA
Server: Expert


BIKF - KPHL cause that is my home international airport!

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Oh yes Philli is also one of my hometowns :D!

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It will be unrealistic but I am still gonna do it

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@flying_infinitely One of a few routes having trouble choosing
New York
Or San Francisco

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@flying_infinitely I actually saw a Ice Air 757 while in Denver waiting for the flight back home to DFW

So probably Round trip Keflavik-Denver-Keflavik 🇮🇸🇺🇸🇮🇸


Denver sounds like a great route. Will try that! Btw nice catch! Lovely shot :)

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KORD-BIKF (I hope ord gets 3d buildings this update)
United 757-200

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ORD won’t get them for a while probably. Probably waiting for new satellite imagery

Also it is massive, but that will make it great if ORD gets buildings

Our home airport definitely deserves them though


Yeah once the new imagery is added then it’ll probably be getting 3D buildings, if not, I’ll be super confused because O’hare is one of the most iconic and busiest airports in the world, at one point during the pandemic and before ATL got super busy, ORD was the busiest airport in the world.

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Also American 757 From DFW

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BIKF-EFHK, Finnair A321

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Probably BIKF-KBOS because both are confirmed for buildings!

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My first flight would be BIKF-PANC

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Is that even a real route

Yes, it is flown by Icelandair

@PilotDog Well when Anchorage gets buildings I am going to have to do that route
Btw does the Ice Air 757 have the range or is it done by a 767

They use their 757s

Wow definitely doing it when panc gets buildings

I definitely am doing too. Just need to wait until anc gets its buildings