First fixed wing engine swap, Completed

Started my first engine replacement on an aircraft last week. We received the new engine today, and I got the old one removed. I’ll post, post swap pics when I get it done.

Beechcraft Bonanza F-33A
Continental IO-550-B

Updated 4/28/17
Assembled minus exhaust waiting on gaskets, and hoses.

Engines installed props torqued. just need to hook up the icing protection wires, adjust the brushes, put the spinner on, prime the oil and she’s ready for a test run. Had the old timer check my work this morning he came back to me and all he said was great work! Makes a guy feel good after a job well done. Test run tomorrow sometime some final adjustments, and she’s airworthy again. Maybe I’ll get a ride :)

Here you go @DeerCrusher


Oooooh. A 550! Beautiful sounding engine right there. 😉


Yea she does I can’t wait to start up the new one with the millennium heads. 😍 It’s only a 43,000$ crate motor 😂


Yeah, I saw Millennium. Should be pretty good. On the training aircraft that I used to fly on which were Skyhawks with IO 360’s and those were around $35,000. Not cheap.

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Nice!!! Looking forward to starting that degree in the fall. We’ll be beginning theory in a few months, then moving on to direct engine maintenance in sophomore year, I think.

For AMT? Joshua @JoshFly8

Yessir. That’s the one. In addition to a degree, the course preps us for the FAA Powerplant exam.

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Nice I’m sure you’ll enjoy it. Hopefully your imperment doesn’t get in the way. A lot of diag is based on sounds. Ignition sounds different then a fuel issue and so on. best of luck buddy I wish you the best.

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Thanks, man. Looking forward to the college experience.

Party time. ;)

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nice. thinking if doing AMT as well along with professional pilot

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You’re awesome man! Keep pursuing that course in college.

Updated new engine pretty much assembled.

Updated almost time for a test run.

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Not to sound like arrogant bastard now, but what’s taking so long? Don’t get me wrong ;)
Lack of time? :)

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Nice pictures! Hope to see more of them!

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Is it too much to ask for a brief video of the first run? Would be kinda cool…😁


Perfection takes time my friend.

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