First First Class to the Desert

Hello IFC,
Today I’ll be doing a trip report from AA 4255 operated by Envoy. Our aircraft today is N274NN a 1 year old Embraer E-175. Our flight time today will be 3 hours on the dot. Let’s begin with boarding:
We began boarding right on time! My seat today is 3A an upgrade from my seat 9A. I upgraded my seat for only $86 USD. There will be no food service on this flight just a small drink service which is okay with me! I had a bought some food from a store which consist of an Italian sand which, Doritos and a dr.pepper.

My brother pushed back my airplane right at 340pm our scheduled departure time. We had a short taxi to runway 22L where we then departed west bound for Phoenix!
Once reaching cruise altitude, the FA came around asking everyone what they wanted to drink! I chose water as I had a soft drink already. The service was fantastic and he came around every 30 minutes to make sure none of the first class passengers needed a refill!

After about 2 hours and 45 minutes at cruise, we began our descent into PHX right at golden hour. After a mostly smooth with some light chop on the descent we made a visual approach into Runway 26. We could also see a Southwest 737-800 making a parallel approach to Runway 25L. After a smooth landing on Runway 26, we taxied off and made our way to Gate B14!

I hope you all enjoyed this flight review and as always leave comments and questions below!


I absolutely love that sunset. Great review as well. Nice work!


Love the 175 with the advanced winglets! Those babies look much better than the stubby default winglets.


AA just started sending their E175 to PHX from LIT too!


Yep they started the 17 of December

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There is first class on an E175?!

There is. And its very comfortable.

@AviationFreak Yeah. The whole route is ORD-LIT-PHX-LIT.


There is first class on the E175

Nice shot of Falcon field on pictures #6. Do you have any more before you crossed over hwy 202? What day was this?

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This was yesterday Dec 26th.

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But what is that first class. Is it comparable to European Business class or is this different?

I honestly couldn’t tell you. This was my first time experiencing this

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Glad you enjoyed it!

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In the US domestically there is no business but just first class. Main difference to the European one is that most of the times the seats are different (larger and less per row), while in Europe it’s just a Economy seat section with better service and a curtain as a divider towards Economy.
Also thanks to @N1DG for sharing your experience! Do you know if the lack of food service is standard or is this caused by the current situation?

Lack of food service is due to the current Covid-19 pandemic

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Ok, interesting as everyone handles this differently apparently! Was the seat much better (spacious/comfy) compared to Economy?

I’ll go more in depth… no meals on regional flights but you do get a snack bag for flights over 900 miles. Thats samething with domestic narrow body flights and all transcon or international flights have meals served on one tray at once. Drinks are on request in main cabin… at least this is how it is on AA and AE


Yes the seat was way bigger and was lot more comfortable. Also had great legroom as well


Ok, very interesting to her about, thanks!

That’s nice to hear and can really make a difference with a 3 hour flight time!

Wonderful pretty pics!!

Beautiful flight and airplane