First Finnair A350-900 Flight to Hong Kong

Finnair A350-900 first flight Hong Kong ( photo taken by myself )


I was transfer and wait for it.

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That is one absolutely beautiful aircraft, and that simple and calm livery complements the aircraft perfectly!

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I was up on the skydeck. I took these. Some of these will be on my Instagram but the weather made it really bad. Still I can’t wait to see the Cathay Pacific Livery in Hong Kong


Yeah, the weather is bad though

@HV9690 you might like this

That livery looks beautiful.

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Looks like I’ve done a great job😘😘

Hah, for a second I thought the title said “Last Finnair A350 Flight to Hong Kong”! That would be unfortunate; A350 is awesome.

To be honest, Finnair’s Livery perfectly fits on this A359

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I saw a bunch of rain towards the big towers there and I was hoping the rain would stay away (thankfully it did) The visibility was awful and the wind was terrible. Still It was me and my brother there and NO-ONE else. I can’t wait to see it in the CX livery in HKG though


Don’t you see I liked it?

Taking 838 back next 1/2 weeks, will send some pic

These pictures look really cool with the fog

Already spotted the Qatar A359 at MUC, this plane is so beautiful.

That’s a sexy bird

Absolutely amazing plane😍

Thanks, I was hoping to go out today and take photos from a different angle but its delayed to 11:30 PM so I think I might stay at home

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