First F35B Crash

Breaking the First F35B crash has occurred

According to the Marines a pilot ejected from the F35 and has survived no one was killed

The plane belonged to a Marine Fighter Attack Training Squadron 501 (VMFAT-501), stationed at Marine Corps Air Station Beaufort


Not again. Another incident

Gladly he survived. Too many accidents this year.

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Wow, glad no one was hurt but sad that the F35 had crashed. Wonder what the cause was? 🤔

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Clickbait again!

Na Jk
But I knew there would be a F35 incident.
The thing has lots of issues and is just being plagued by all of those problems


The F35B just entered operation with the Marines this week as well.

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Really sad when you think about the number of incidents we’ve seen lately, thankfully the pilot survived


im gonna say it was an engine issue…


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