First expert flight!

Today I have been on a flight from Heathrow to frankfurt in a Lufthansa 747-8, and my first flight on the expert server, so much easier and better than i thought it would be!

Departing from Heathrow

Leaving the UK

Tail cam while cruising

Flying past Brussels

Approaching Frankfurt

(Screenshots edited with Snapseed)


Very nice pics!

Definitely, a good decision to change to Expert. Definitely a lot more professional and caring.


Well, I hope you enjoyed seeing a little more realistic airspace!
Also, make sure not to edit your pictures a bit too much, as it ruins the colour contrast.


Very nice!! Just always do what the ATC tells you to do 😉
Why did you think it would be harder on the Expert server?


Actually, the edits are pretty good in my opinion. Not too bright or dark. My favourite one is number 7 though.

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Actually I was a bit worried on my first time too. I kept over worrying that I will get million violations.

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I’ve just always thought the server would be to hard for me, since im not always good at flying, but no issues on this flight except the winds on takeoff.


That’s actually very normal. Success is our destination, and we all make mistakes along the way. :)

I usually chew some chewing gum or something satisfying when I’m really stressed, like spinning a fidget spinner youtube trend haters coming in 3… 2… 1…. Definitely, it helps a lot!


Oh god. I forgot to take pictures on my flight today, B747-8 Cargolux from ELLX to OBBI. Well I guess I made a mistake along the way haha

Yeah, landed without appr for the first time as well, and it beats most of my appr landings so far! When I got bored while flying, I was just throwing a ball at my wall lol.

Lol. Yeah APPR can be a bit rough some times. Basically I fly a very easy to grease aircraft with APPR and without APPR I grease, with APPR I smash lol

APPR is very aggresive indeed! I always make sure I’m a litlle bit higher than the glidescope and perfectly on the LOC

I can definitely second this … number 5 is tasteful but the others are overdone.

Welcome to the expert server, next step is grade 5!


I saw you earlier! Congrats on your first of many ES flights :)

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