First Experience on SoCal ATC Playground.

I was quite excited to make a flight here, 1, because I wanted to try if IF crashed again here (it didn´t), and 2, to see if someone spotted me.


  1. I requested pushback. Pushback granted.
  2. While pushing back, I notice an a Swiss Airlines A330 behind me, it stops and I´m able to finish the pushback, contact Ground for taxiing.
  3. Ground tells me to keep taxiing. Soon after, it tells me to give space to aircraft ahead (?). I didn´t know what to do so I kept taxiing. The A330 goes through me, an Aeromexico 737-700 does the same, and a Delta 737-800 does the same too.
  4. I requested for take off when I wasn´t first in the line (I remembered to only do that when first in line for take off after hearing KSAN´s ATC announce that several times).
  5. 1st in line for take off, waited some minutes for Tower to give me take off clearence.
  6. Cleared for an immediate takeoff. It was awful (the take off).

7) I was on the air. I didn´t know what command should I sent to KSAN Tower, so I asked for a frequency change (for KLAX).
8) I was told to keep current speed (by KSAN).
9) I was approaching to KLAX, and it didn´t appeared on my ATC list, so I was getting rather worried.
10) It finally appeared on my ATC list, and announced I was inbound for landing on rwy 25L. I didn´t get an answer, and I was approaching with a 747 in front of me, so when I was at 500ft, I aborted the landing and made a 360. While I was making that, I sent KLAX Tower an inbound for landing again, and I was given the landing clearence. I requested it again, because I saw several other players landing at the same time.
11) There was turbulence, and I landed at 150kts (instead of 145). Add to that the lag, and you have a nice recipe.
12) I got to Grade 2. I think with no violations (yet), where can I see my full stats?

I´ll try to fly on other regions.


To see your full stats, click the menu bar where it says your name, xp, hours and then it will open a window showing a more in depth and click the “?” next to grade. Remember people on playground may break rules on purpose or may not know what they are doing, so don’t make a post about Playground :) (when issue) but happy flying and most of all playground is a safe place with mature people

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Thanks. I had it right in front of me. [quote=“natzoo, post:2, topic:30019”]
don’t make a post about Playground

First time flying there, so I wanted to tell my experience.

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I meant about issues like if you get reported or tower or pilots ignore things. edited too late sorry

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I know the lag. Now after the Dash 8 update I stay out of SoCal.


You mean there was no lag before?

Before the update I was still able to do complete flights. Now I can’t even taxi around any SoCal airport (KSAN, LAX, KPSP, KONT, and KCUN) without crashing.

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