First experience flying the Vans RV-12

Hi everyone!
Today, I did my first ever flight on the Vans RV-12. It’s a Light Sport Aircraft and it was a blast!

The glass cockpit was really the takeaway from this airplane, it was super cool, and the first time I’ve ever seen a live glass cockpit, not counting cockpit visits in airliners.

It was super cool, and the plane was easily maneuverable as well.

I was also shown the power on stall, which I asked for. I was told it will be part of lesson 3, and that I will be practicing them then.
I have to say, stalling was rather thrilling. I wouldn’t say scary, but it was sort of like going 0g’s.

I will be flying more hopefully soon!

Before starting engine

Taxiing to the Runway

View of Hampton Beach

KPSM airport in range

New Hampshire Air National Guard (NHANG)


What an amazing aircraft! I’ve flown the RV 8 and it’s such an amazing aircraft. Looked like a blast!


My emoji input: 🤤

Looks like you had a blast! Hopefully I’ll fly a light sport aircraft one day, that’ll be amazing! There’s a Sukhoi sport prop at my airport. Pretty old and amazing.


That sure is a pretty plane! I love the green, and the canopy. 🤤

I found this picture on JetPhotos. Do you know if it was factory built or a kit?

I don’t know, I think it was factory built

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