First ever trip report! Alaska 737-800 LAX - PDX S1E1

Hello! Today, I will start a brand new series of trip reports! Today, I will be flying from LAX-PDX on an Alaska 737-800 (N523AS). We definitely had the nicest pilot ever! Cpt. Pat Carpenter offered me a full tour of the cockpit as we were getting ready to board. He did a PHENOMENAL job at that! Never gonna forget him or this amazing flight! Also, thanks to the mods (@schyllberg , @MishaCamp , and @Levet) for helping me decide what quality setting my camera should be at! Without further ado, let’s begin!

Pushback, Taxi, and take-off

For sure a very quick taxi. Took less than 5 minutes to taxi at LAX! WOW! Very turbulent ascent for sure though. It got so bad that the captain decided to climb a few thousand feet higher! It did get less turbulent the higher we went, however, the turbulence never ended throughout the flight. Sadly, I was distracted by the mood lighting and the wing that I did not film the cruising altitude. If you guys want me to I will in the future.

Descent and Landing into PDX
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After enjoying Biscoff cookies, it was time to descend into PDX. Very smooth descent for sure. Even though it was night-time, the views of Portland were amazing! Not to mention the quite smooth landing by the very experienced captain. However, the excitement doesn’t end there! As we park at gate C2, another Alaska plane pushes back, revealing a lovely JetBlue A320 at the gate! What a flight! Only $79 one way! WOWZERS! Feedback is appreciated! My next trip report is already in the making! Thanks for viewing!

Flight rating: 5 stars!
Aircraft: 737-800 (N523AS)
Airline: Alaska Airlines
Date of flight: October 20, 2017
Camera: Iphone SE (4k 30fps)
Departure gate: 66 (terminal 6)
Arrival gate: C2 (terminal C)


Thanks for sharing! Im flying Alaska for the first time from KEWR-KSAN on Tuesday. Glad to hear your experience was memorable!

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Sure was! Have a GREAT flight! Lol forgot to mention they serve complimentary beverages and on the first flight (this one) I was I guess either day dreaming or thinking about how much the outside view looked like Global and I missed my cranberry juice and was stuck with water! I get cranberry juice on every flight. Virgin America still reigns at #1 cranberry juice lol. Totally my fault though lol

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the mood lighting is meant to distract you .
Did you get jet lagged?
Nice report

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Thanks! Dangit I think I was. Jk I wasn’t during the flight only after the flight ;)

What helps me with the jet lag is getting a starbucks iced coffee (Warm makes you want to sleep)
It also helps by stopping you from going to sleep on the flight, get tired alot on flights but i always stay awake since i always have a window seat and i love travel, Dont take it for granted.

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Oh don’t worry I never get tired on flights unless they are internationallong haul flights. Yeah I prefer Starbucks. Fun Fact: Alaska serves complimentary Starbucks onboard!

OMG this is awesome…, Now im starting to not be as mad at them as i am for taking Virgin america away.

Will alaska keep the Awesome Uniforms?

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Not sure. But Alaska’s are cool! Ok back on topic :)

@Ryan_Farell one question I do have that I almost forgot to ask. How was the wifi connection, and did you have to pay for it?

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Love this! I’m flying on Virgin America in one week but I’ve never been able to fly ASA!

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When I fly a route somewhere, I always fly that same route in infinite flight

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You need to download this app called gogo. It should be the first to pop up. You can get free wifi that way but Internet costs money (rental)

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Thank you! I know you make stunning trip reports on FFT and Spirit so it’s really encouraging to hear those words from a professional! ;)

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Well I wouldn’t call myself a professional but your kind words are appreciated mate :D


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