First Ever Long Haul!

Hey Guys! Today i did my first ever long haul flight from Dublin 🇮🇪 to New York 🇺🇸 on the grand United B772

Mini Mod Bug Spray

FT: 6:51
Server: Expert
Aircraft: B772

Takeoff from the Fair City Runway 28L, see ya later Ireland ✌️

Crusin’ over the mighty Atlantic Ocean 🌊

Finally reached land! Nova Scotia is sure pretty from up here!

Before ya know it were already in the Land of Freedom! 🇺🇸 Glad to be back in the good ol’ USA and the Big Apple 🍎 Okay so what if it’s New Jersey it’s BASICALLY THE SAME THING

A little high on the approach but brought her down nice and smooth for a 🧈 landing in Newark Runway 4L

At the gate B63 an amazing first long haul and a fun easy route

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Congrats on your first

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Nice! Saw you omw from NCE-IAD

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Congrats! Im planning on doing KMIA → KLAX, SPJC and KFLL → KLAX this summer and thats only around 5 hours any tips? ( mainly to prevent my phone from overheating )

Yeah i would say just make sure you monitor it like every 20 minutes or so just to make sure your not falling out of the sky lol

Congratulations mate! Welcome! I am preparing for a flight… you know… bigger than you might expect.

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Hey I’ll be on this flight in 2 weeks! Awesome pics!

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Congrats on your first and it was probably really satisfying to land

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Play with brightness and graphics on low
That’s all I can think of

Oh it was for sure especially after being that long in the air and touching down in the great U.S. 🇺🇸

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