First ever group flight! London to Austin 747

Hello everyone!

Recently I completed EGLL - KAUS with a few friends in a BA 747-400 on the expert server. I flew with @Suhas @Armani_B and @Beast_Mode (although @Beast_Mode fell asleep and wasn’t able to land with us). We also had an unidentifiable 737 bbj following us for a bit. This was my first ever group flight! Enjoy the photos:

Taxiing in London where @Aaron.C was controlling.

Departure out of London.

Land ho! North America is in sight after crossing the Atlantic.

Hello Montreal!

@Suhas moments before butter on runway 17R

I’m on short final.

Ok this one is hilarious y’all. We were parked at the gates, which were narrow bodies because Austin hadn’t been updated in a while. It looked ridiculous, but this looks even more ridiculous because Austin was just updated and that’s what it shows on the replay.

Which one is your favorite?

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Please let me know any questions you have or any feedback. This was an awesome flight!


Great photos!

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Expert Server, parking on grass? I’m losing brain cells.

Jokes aside, I loved the pictures, keep it up.


Well we were parked at stands but it was updated

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Wish I was on WiFi so I could load you in

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I like those last and first photos as you are lined up, as well as the rest.

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Looks like it was a great flight! Some great photos too!

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