First Event of 2019 @ NZAA - 311030ZDEC18


I’d like Gate 04. ANZ 777 to KSFO.


You’re all added.

@TheFlyingKiwi just keep in mind gate 2 was taken so I have put you down for gate 6.


No worries! I’ll be doing the route in the Virgin aus 737


Could you chuck us gate 30 for NZAA-NZQN


Do we have to use Qantas/Air New Zealand livery?Cuz I want to use EVA Air B787-10.


No. Those are just recommendations.


Im would like to reserve a gate! NZAA-NFFN


Just added you. Thanks for coming.


Sorry I can’t join please remove me from the list


Oh,Im sorry! I can’t fly there!


Hey, it looks like I have not been added to the list yet, I just wanna make sure I get on there.

Cessna Citation X, NZAA-KOTH.


Sorry, I thought I added you. I’ll do that now.


@Velocity23 Just found out I am still on the plane during the event, so you can remove me.


Any gate please Qantas 738 to YSSY