First Event of 2019 @ NZAA - 311030ZDEC18

I’ll take Remote 16 NZAA - OTBD callsign: CT0531

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Added you, see you there!

I’ll take Gate 01 NZAA- NZCH | TBM | Callsign THEOGSB

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You’re added, thanks for coming!

No Problem! What time zone is the time in? 5:30 est?

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Oof. It’s at 4:30am for me. And I’ll be at encampment. Best of luck though!

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It is December 31, 2018 10:30 AM which is in your time. The widget I used automatically converts.

Technically, for me on the East coast it’s 5:30 am in 2018, but 🤫

Would love to come but it’s to early in the morning for me.

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Since I always stay up late like I’m nocturnal on New Year’s I’ll join

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2:30 AM for me… I’ll let you know if I think I can do that one…

Dang, 2:30am for me…

But you know what? Sign me up for a gate, NZAA-KOTH, Cessna Citation X (it has the range trust me), Gate 03. Is it possible that I can change this later if I want?


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Jetstar A320
Gate 5

Are you able to add the Virgin Australia 737 to the list? And if you can please reserve gate 02 for me thanks!

Could I please have a gate. Ill have to NZDN.

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I am not sure what I’ll be flying yet but I will definitely try my best to be there. You don’t have to mark me down yet, I’m just letting you know

I will take gate 10.NZAA-YSSY

Alright, I have a few people to reply to.

To @Ren
Great! See you there.

To @TheFlyingKiwi
The routes/aircraft listed are just suggestions. Also, we don’t have the VOZ Livery yet. If you would like to come along please let me know which route.

To @cr1ck3ter
Awesome, thanks for coming.

To @Cameron_Stone
Alright. Good to know.

To @DanikSteblev
Great. I’ll put you down now.

I’ll be doing NZAA-NCRG - Virgin Australia 737 GATE 2 plz

I’ll be flying NZAA-RJGG in Air New Zealand 777-300ER. I’ll take Remote 18 please! There is also the chance I might not be able to make it though.

Could I take Gate-3, NZAA to OTBD, Qatar 777-200, callsign QR921

I’m not to sure if I can make it or not, because it’s so far away