First Event of 2019 @ NZAA - 311030ZDEC18


Welcome to the First Event of 2019!

It’s an NZAA Flyout!

icon General Details

Server: Expert Maybe Tyler can give us IFATC if we get enough pilots
Date and Time: December 31, 2018 10:30 AM
Airport: Auckland International Airport (NZAA)
Event Type: Fly Out

As Auckland is about as far East as it gets, they are one of the first cities in the world to get the new year.


  • Please spawn at December 31, 2018 10:30 AM.
  • There will be photos taken before the event.
  • IMPORTANT: Let’s try and get as many aircraft out at 0000 Local (1100Z)!
  • Please plan your own sensible taxi route

route Routes

Your route is completely up to you, but here are some suggestions;

Arrival Airport Aircraft
YMML Qantas B737-800
YSSY Qantas B737-800
KSFO Air New Zealand B777-300ER
NZQN Air New Zealand A320

plane Gates

Gate Attendee Route
Remote 15 @BennyBoy_Alpha NZAA - EGLL
Remote 16 @cbrooks531 NZAA - OTBD
Remote 17 @Captain_JR NZAA - KLAX
Remote 18 @SimpleWaffles NZAA - RJGG
Remote 19 @JuhoV NZAA - NFFN
Gate 01 @MLG_Man NZAA - NZCH
Gate 02 @cr1ck3ter NZAA - NZDN
Gate 03 @Mavic NZAA - OTBD
Gate 04 @Jeffrey_Varga NZAA-KOTH
Gate 05 @Ren NZAA - NZQN
Gate 06 @TheFlyingKiwi NZAA - NCRG
Gate 07 @Aviation-21 NZAA-YSSY
Gate 08
Gate 09
Gate 10
Remote 74
Remote 75
Remote 76
Remote 77
Remote 78
Remote 79
Remote 80
Remote 81
Remote 82
Remote 83
Gate 30 @Matthew NZAA - NZQN

group Credits

  • Event Banner by Yours Truly, background image from Wikimedia Commons
  • All icons from
  • All images and icons remain the property of their rightful owners.

Hope to see you there!


I have made this topic a wiki so Regulars can add themselves and help me add others.


Isn’t Auckland as far east as it gets?

Anyway, can I have a gate with the ANZ 777-300ER (Regular Livery) to EGLL?


Ah yes, thanks for pointing that out. I’ll fix it now.


I don’t think I can make it XD

2:30 AM is either way too late or way too early for me XD


Awesome thanks!

Just asking, why on your route suggestions have you put (Generic) next to the ANZ 777W and A320. We have ANZ liveries for both those aircraft.

Oh I didn’t realise. Shows how little attention I pay to those aircraft (I don’t have Pro)

Fixed now.


I will take Gate 8. NZAA-RCTP. Maybe I might not make it.

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And do I have to fly in an Air New Zealand/Qantas plane, or can it be any other airline.

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Those are only suggestions so i would assume anything.

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I’ve added you.


My Route: NZAA to KLAX

Any gate that fits a B789 would be fine, thank you 😊

Omg, I can just edit myself In haha, wait I’ll do it in sec and done, Remote 17 is now mine 😝

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Sorry but 5:30 is just to early for me… Great event though!

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Hmm, I can’t come. For vacation, 5:30 is too early for me. I think it will be like that for other ppl in North America as well.

Edit: but this is a very well organized thread :)

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I would join but for me it would 5:30AM


Well I Feel like this Event mainly and only works for those living in Europe and eastwards to Asia and beyond to the Land Down Under (AUS) + the Kiwi Place.

It’s way too early for most folks over at the West of the Pond (Atlantic) = USA, Canada, Argentina, Mexico, Hawaii…


Yea it can only work for european people


And also for those living in Asia, Australia and New Zealand.


I understand that many people can’t attend, but I timed it so that the ones who do attend will be the first of the flights airborne for 2019.

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Thank You and being a EU citizen I love it, I’ll be able to travel back in time I basically, hihi 😂

Anyways looking forward to the event, I should be able to join unless my friends want to blow off fireworks at a random direction… 😜

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